Welcome to the Gnanajyothi School



Our curriculum is designed to facilitate easy learning and understanding for children. We offer a range of topics that enable them to explore and identify their interests



We encourage creativity along with academic studies to make sure the child always has something unique and can stand out easily. We make sure to push them toward every activity and boost their self-esteem.



Encouragement always helps one to learn and perform better; hence here at Cambridge, we rightfully manage each and every child to go beyond their limits and pursue their interests and range of activities.

SRI GNANAJYOTHI SCHOOL is an State Board-affiliated co-educational institution with a focus on academic excellence, discipline, and holistic development. Our highly dedicated staff and excellent infrastructure ensure a 100% academic success rate.

We believe in going beyond academics to make learning more accessible and enjoyable. Our Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system provides a value-based environment that fosters holistic development. We are committed to providing a stress-free and enjoyable atmosphere for your child to learn and grow, developing competence, confidence, and becoming a responsible citizen of the nation.

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